About Us

Plant-origin solutions to reduce the visible signs of Hair Thinning

anthi: is India's first Anti-Thinning Hair Care brand. We are committed to transforming your thinning hair care routine and helping you achieve the thicker, denser, and voluminous hair you've always desired.

Our brand was born out of our belief in plant potency and the potential to transform our hair. Inspired by the wisdom of botanicals, we set out to create a hair care range that harnesses the incredible benefits of plant origins. Every formulation we craft is a testament to our commitment to using potent plant extracts. Only the finest botanical ingredients, known for their remarkable properties in reducing hair thinning, boosting hair density, and stimulating hair growth, feature in our ingredients list.

We are proud to be India's first anti-thinning hair care brand, harnessing the incredible power of plants to unlock the secrets of thicker, denser, and voluminous hair. Step into the world of anthi: and experience our expertly formulated shampoos, conditioners, masks, sprays, serums, and hair oils, and bid farewell to thinning hair!


Our Philosophy

Pure, natural and restorative – anthi: products utilise the nutritive and healing powers of nature

We at anthi : believe, the mother nature has solutions to all our problems. So, when we begin to create products for anti-thinning hair care, we first search for actives with plant-origins that are safe and effective.
Treatment solutions for hair problems created with harsh chemicals make several promises but often misdiagnose the core problem and may result in serious side effects. Our products get to the root of the problem of hair thinning and the plant-based actives ensure there is no damage to your hair or scalp.
All anthi: products are infused with the goodness of potent plant extracts, pure essential oils, naturally derived/eco-certified ingredients that help in reducing the signs of hair thinning. So no harmful chemicals, only safe naturals.

How We Care For You

Here’s what you can expect from our products-

  • SLS/SLES free

  • Phthalates free

  • Silicone free

  • Paraben free

  • No added colors/synthetic fragrances

Our Brand Values

Clean and effective plant-based solutions to reduce the signs of Hair Thinning

We believe in the healing and nutritional powers of nature. Our formulations combine these properties to create potent plant-based solutions that restore life to your hair follicles. Our products are cruelty-free and every ingredient is derived with the utmost respect to nature. No harsh chemicals. Products go through rigorous testing protocols both in our manufacturing facilities and in the renowned accredited testing laboratories outside.

The key actives used in all anthi: products are backed by clinical or consumer study data for safety and efficacy. No unsubstantiated claims-only proven facts.